in Life


Today I turned twenty-nine. As a new tradition, I’m writing twenty-nine things I’ve learned in twenty-nine years.

– Whenever a friend is on your mind contact them.

– If you believe but don’t expect you will never receive.

– Take time to understand your interest and values; it’ll help you focus, live more, and get ahead.

– Expectation is acting on what you believe (your faith) before you see it.

– You’ll never have a breakthrough year if you focus on a breakdown year.

– Money is a medium. Wealth is value.

– Goals should always be aligned with values.

– Under schedule and you’ll have meaningful time to reflect and engage in leisure.

– Like what you have to do; don’t do too much of it; get the most out of the free time that remains.

– Stand out by means other than simply outworking peers. Be impressive.

– Maximize rewards and interesting opportunities afforded while minimizing time investment and schedule footprint.

– I’ve defeated statistics but my impact in society is not done.

– A certain substance is really good.

– I finally came to the realization that I will never get “into” sports. It’s just not me.

– Leaving Facebook and Instagram wasn’t hard. It only made Twitter more interesting and valuable.

– Being a star was never in God’s plans. Remember this and you’ll be full of Earth.

– I don’t like seeing my mom cry; losing my brother was emotional and still is.

– Node.js isn’t that bad.

– I feel naked without a wristwatch on. I like watches.

– Shipping is hard. Fitting a culture unlike you is even harder.

– Marriage is cooler than I imagined; Tamara makes it beautiful.

– Time swiftly passes.

– Learning to think big is easier when you focus on less and meditate.

– Knowing people use software I’ve open source is soothing.

– I was reminded recently that understanding how to perform CPR is important. Learn.

– Tamara and I are living a pretty awesome life. I’m continuously happy.

– Vinyl records sound warmer than digital records.

– Tattoos will be in my near future.

– I want an experience, not money, not celebrity.